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155 30 OCTOBER 2003
Transcending into Nirvana:
Local Band Ayin is on the Rise
By Autumn Thatcher

hough they have only been a band for about four months, the guys in Ayin (pronounced A-in) are already playing shows in Salt Lake City clubs, performing on radio stations such as KCPX-105.7 and preparing to go into the studio next week to record a demo CD. Not bad for three guys who are barely in their 20s.

Ayin is Brad Verrier on bass and vocals, Chris Hancock on drums and Scott Parry, lead vocals and guitar. The band members’ performance at Club DV8 last Thursday revealed them to be musically linked to such well-established groups as A Perfect Circle and Dredg.

The music is much deeper than one might expect. The tone is dramatic with a dark edge to it and Parry’s voice melodically hypnotizes the listeners, drawing them into the band’s intellectual world. Mature music boldly declares them to be the next big thing on Utah’s scene.

The band’s name reveals an intellectual and spiritual side. Verrier, who often serves as the spokesman for the group, says that the name stemmed from his studies of philosophic occult and esoteric philosophy. “There is a particular geometric equation called ‘the Tree of Life’ in the Kaaba,” he says. “And there is a particular part of that which represents one that transcends into I guess what you would call nirvana by opening the third eye and an infinite well of wisdom.” The transition of these steps is called Ayin.

The self-described alternative rock band played at Club DV8 shortly after its members joined together and started producing music. The opportunity to play at a large club within a matter of months came as sort of a surprise to Verrier, who says, “We thought we’d be playing Del Taco parking lots.”

Due to inexperience with playing the club scene, Ayin was pleasantly surprised and a little unsure of how to react at its first show when people were begging for CDs and T-shirts.

The band doesn’t take responsibility for its success, however. Verrier says, “We have had a lot of help, especially from the kids in Desmo and 105.7.”

Jared Jaxn, drummer for local band Desmo (whose recent performance featured Ayin as opening act), helped Ayin create a name for itself within the radio community. According to Verrier, Jaxn “knew that most of the people he showed us to would like us, acoustically as well as full-band-wise. That’s pretty much how we got our start.”

Other established local bands have asked Ayin to open for them. This has led to a schedule of shows that may keep the band busy for the next month or so.

The upcoming trip to the studio will result in the recording of a three-song demo, which Verrier says will “help people classify what genre we’re in, because we can’t do it. And there are a lot of people who are interested in what we sound like, and we don’t have the power to tell them that unless they come to our shows.”

Though they are a little unsure of what will happen next, the band members are incredibly excited about their bright future. “Our future plans are to continue writing material, hopefully maybe get a little more of an elaborate CD going, more quality instead of a quick, easy demo, so that you can idea of what we sound like,” Verrier says. “(We’ll) get some merchandise going so I can start seeing people with my T-shirts on the streets. Eventually hop on tour with maybe another local band or a national band, and finally, get out of the state.”

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