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ISSUE NO.154 23 OCT. 2003
Opening This Weekend
By Jeremy Mathews

“Beyond Borders”
1.5 reels (out of four)
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“Casa de los Babys”
3 reels (out of four)
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“Cet Amour-La”
New Yorker Films
Rated R
Opening at the Tower
(Not reviewed)

The other film with a foreign-language name is actually a foreign film: “Cet Amour-La.” French cinema legend Jeanne Moreau, now in her mid-70s, stars as writer Marguerite Duras in the last years of her life. The film is reportedly a slow meditation on the writer’s ideas and life.

“The Holy Land”
Cavu Pictures
Not rated
(Not reviewed)

Eitan Gorlin’s 2001 film “The Holy Land” combines a coming-of-age story and Arab-Israeli conflicts. An Orthodox Judaism rabbinical student longs to connect with the outside world and makes friends with a Russian prostitute in a Tel Aviv bordello.

“The Housekeeper”
Palm Pictures
Rated R
(Not reviewed)

With “The Housekeeper,” French director Claude Berri (“Jean de Florette”) adapts Christian Oster’s novel about a man who hires a housekeeper after his wife leaves him for another man. Apparently she’s hot, but he’s kind of enjoying bachelorhood. And that’s where the conflict is.

1.5 reels (out of four)
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“Scary Movie 3”
Dimension Films
(Not reviewed)
Rated PG-13

They promised no sequels, but the greed monster had other plans. “Scary Movie 4” is already in production. Bwa ha ha! Find out if the latest movie from the Wayans brothers…oh, wait. Keenen Ivory Wayans didn’t direct, Marlon Wayans doesn’t appear and none of the Wayanses wrote it. There are a couple recognizable names, though: Kevin Smith is one of the many writers and parody pioneer David Zucker (“Airplane!”) directed it. Well, you can still find out if the third installment is amusingly silly, like the first one, or poorly written and directed, like the second one.

Note, however, that the rating is wimpier than past films: “Scary Movie” made the most money of any R-rated film at the time of its release. “Scary Movie 3” is the first film of the franchise to be rated PG-13.

“Session 9”
USA Films
Rated R
(Not reviewed)

Indie director Brad Anderson, whose film “Happy Accidents” was aborted in Salt Lake City after a scheduled opening, will finally have “Session 9” open in the city—if a year or so late. The thriller, which was made back in 2001, takes place in a closed-down mental hospital as asbestos-cleaning crew members start going crazy because they’re all struggling filmmakers and no one ever gets to see their films. I might have made up the last part.

2.5 reels (out of four)—Chris Bellamy
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