AUGUST 21, 2003
Opening this Weekend
By Jeremy Mathews

“And Now Ladies and Gentlemen”
(out of four)
(See review)

“The Eye”
Palm Pictures
In Cantonese with English subtitles
Not rated
(Not reviewed)

Remember that “X-Files” episode in which Lili Taylor guest stars as a blind woman who can see through the killer’s eyes? Well, this Hong Kong horror film has a similar premise, but no Scully, Mulder or Lili Taylor—as none of them are Hong Kong actors.

(out of four)
(See review)

“Marci X”
Paramount Pictures
Rated R
(Not reviewed)

Lisa Kudrow of “Friends” fame plays a Jewish-American stereotype who heads up a rap record label and tries to reign in a stereotypical black rapper, played by Damon Wayans. Expect comedy focused on cultural differences, all from the director of “Milk Money” and “My Stepmother is an Alien.”

“My Boss’s Daughter”
Dimension Films
Rated PG-13
(Not reviewed)

Demi Moore’s boy-toy Ashton Kutcher has risen to fame without being in any films of merit (except, of course, “Dude, Where’s my Car?”). Terence Stamp, who plays his boss and his love interest’s (Tara Reid) father, however, is an esteemed actor who gets low billing. With the two of them, the film could go either way, eh?


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