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June 2005
Jeremy's review of The Cannes Film Festival 2005
  Jeremy Mathews,

February 2005
THE CREAM OF THE CINEMATIC CROP, According to Old Film Business Types:
Finally, an Oscar Article That's Longer Than the Oscars
  Jeremy Mathews,
Chris Bellamy &
Brent Sallay
LENGTH ISN'T EVERYTHING: Why a Shorter Oscars Doesn't Make a Better Oscars   Jeremy Mathews
Sundance 2005 Film Festival Highlights
Individual films reviewed for FilmThreat can be read at
February 2005    
Hang the Sundance Jury: Four Sundance Juries Award Mostly Worthy Films, But Fail With Dramatic Grand Prize   Jeremy Mathews

January 2005
HERRING! The Best Film Fest in the West: RED Magazine finds a rhyming dictionary   Craig Froehlich

January 2005
Sex, Time Travel, Wine and Wizards: The Best Films of 2004   Jeremy Mathews
A Second Take: More of the RED Staff's Best Movies of 2004   Chris Bellamy &
Brent Sallay
Cannes 2004 Film Festival
Read the articles written for FilmThreat:
Day One: Bad Education, festival preview   Jeremy Mathews
Day Two: "Nobody Knows," "The Consequences of Love"   Jeremy Mathews
Day Three: "Troy," "Life is a Miracle!," "Mondovino"   Jeremy Mathews
Day Four: "Shrek 2," "Moolaade," "Welcome to Switzerland," "Mean Creek," protests   Jeremy Mathews
Day Five: "Old Boy," "Comme Une Image"   Jeremy Mathews
Day Six: "Fahrenheit 9/11"   Jeremy Mathews
Day Eight: "Clean," "Innocence" (aka "The Ghost in the Machine2"), "The Motorcycle Diaries," Wong Kar Wai's tardiness over "2046"   Jeremy Mathews
Day Nine: "The Life and Death of Peter Sellers," Sundance alums   Jeremy Mathews
Day Ten: Awards   Jeremy Mathews
Festival review: 2046   Jeremy Mathews

169 March 25, 2004
  Jeremy Mathews

167 March 4, 2004
  Jeremy Mathews

163 February 5, 2004
  Jeremy Mathews

160 January 15, 2004
2003 in Review: The Audio and/or Visuals You Shouldn't Have Missed     
2003 Runs Over With Great Films   Jeremy Mathews
Sundance 2004 Film Festival Highlights
162 January 29, 2004
  Jeremy Mathews

161 January 22, 2004
  Jeremy Mathews
  Hayley Heaton
  Craig Froehlich

160 January 15, 2004
Sundance Still an Important Showcase for Small Films   Jeremy Mathews
Sundance's American Spectrum, World Cinema and Other Specialty Categories Serve Specialized Niches   Jeremy Mathews
SLAMDANCE: Slamming the Critics: 10 Years of Alternative Filmmaking at Slamdance   Jamie Gadette
Choreography for Dead People: U Grad Timothy Albrecht Choreographs Sundance Short   Marissa Mullen

159 December 4, 2003
Sundance Fest Announces Unknown-Oriented Batch of Feature Films   Jeremy Mathews

158 November 20, 2003
Thornton's Ambitious, Varied Film Career Takes Another Turn   Jeremy Mathews

157 November 13, 2003
Jumping off the Studio Train: Michelle Williams Travels from 'Dawson's Creek' to 'The Station Agent'   Jeremy Mathews
Touring Free Form Film Festival Hits Salt Lake City Homebase   Jeremy Mathews
"Made-for-TV" Sums Up CBS' 'The Elizabeth Smart Story'   Rachael Sawyer

148 September 4, 2003
Art-House Explosion: Is Salt Lake City Big Enough for the Both of Them?   Jeremy Mathews
Cannes 2003 Film Festival
142 May 29, 2003  
The Cannes Can! A Full Report on the World's Most Glamorous Film Festival   Jeremy Mathews
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